The Beginning

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The Ultimate Social Network was created as a project during a Landmark Worldwide Leadership seminar. Landmark Worldwide offers education on how to bring about positive, permanent shifts in the quality of your life. You create power, freedom, full self-expression, and peace of mind. I wasn’t prepared for how it changed my life and now I want to do the same for you

While sitting in Landmark’s Self Expression and Leadership course; a course in which the participant takes on a community to make a difference in people’s lives, I listened as individuals created their projects designed to make a difference in the homeless community or heal the bay in Santa Monica. Others chose a more personal and spiritual focus by incorporating their church or synagogue community into their project. 

During the Landmark courses, the leaders ask participants to share about their projects. Participants share their projects’ challenges and successes. Often they share about their life and relationships. I listened as many people shared how well their projects were progressing and how their finances were in good shape. These people, who were up to amazing things in their lives, were too busy to share their lives with a significant other. I thought, “How sad is that?” When women would say “All the good men are taken,” I thought, “I am single and a good guy, what about me? “Why wasn’t I even on their radar?” The men would say “All the good women are taken.” 

The consistent refrain was the scarcity of possible partners, not enough available single people. As this conversation persisted, the leader interrupted and stated that this simply wasn’t true - nearly 50% of the people on the planet are single - there is an abundance of eligible single people

These complaints and statistics provided me with the inspiration I needed for my project. I decided to make a difference in the singles community. It was the best choice I could have ever made and now you can join this community too for free for a limited time.