Introducing The Ultimate Social Network

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The Ultimate Social Network

Our Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Single people deserve a forum allowing them to express who they are and what they want in a relationship. The Ultimate Social Network provides that forum by bringing together men and women with mutual interests in ways that are convenient, affordable and effective.

Mission Statement

The Ultimate Social Network is designed to improve and enhance the lives of the millions of single people looking for someone with whom to share their lives. We offer a dynamic networking company connecting millions of single people committed to enlightening, unifying and enhancing their relationships and their lives.


Our goal is to provide The Ultimate Dating System. This Step by Step dating system starts with you. While most dating services begin by focusing on what you are looking for in a relationship, The Ultimate Social Network focuses on you. The more you learn about yourself with the helpful guidance of The Ultimate Social Network, the closer you will be to finding that “Ultimate Partner.”

The Ultimate Social Network was created and continues to evolve with the input of single people like you. This ensures we understand the experience of being single in the contemporary dating world. Through extensive research and opinion polls, we have determined that, in order to find that Ultimate Match, you really need to learn “who you are.” Do you really know the “real you?” Do you understand what you value most in life? Are you aware of what a relationship deal breaker is for you?

Examine what it means to value something. Your values shape your choices and your relationships. To get a clearer view of your values, consider taking an online personality test like DISC. The DISC Personality Test, which we will discuss more thoroughly in a later blog article, allows you to tune into yourself and to discover more about who you are.

While some of the results may surprise you, many may have been evident your whole life. Reviewing the results with a close friend can shed a little light on how others perceive you. As The Ultimate Social Network evolves, we will continue to research and recommend other personality tests. Once you learn more about yourself, our online tools and seminars will aid you in making better dating decisions.

We are redefining online dating with the use of the best online technology. Our system is shaped by information provided by people just like you to resolve the challenges of internet dating. Online daters state their number one problem is people not telling the truth… whether the photo is several years old and several pounds ago or the profile states what they think people want to hear but not who they truly are. The Ultimate Social Network has resolved this problem and will continue to evolve as new concerns arise.

Using a broad range of technology, including future use of artificial intelligence, your online dating experience is enhanced by the truthful postings of potential partners. Networking with your friends generates more potential partners in The Ultimate Social Network.

Online compatibility matches are brought back to earth through opportunities to meet that special person at Ultimate Social Network events like a champagne brunch or dinner cruise, because chemistry does not exist in cyberspace.