Core Dating Problems

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Finding the love that will complete your life is a greater challenge due to the fast-paced world in which we live. While the search for the love of your life can be exciting, it can be a lonely journey. Research shows that 80% of the dating activity is done by only 20% of the single population. The average person who is single and resides in the United States has not been on one date in the last two years according to research by Dr. Neil Clark Warren.

Why are there so many problems with dating and relationships? Many people do not plan for finding a partner in the way they would with any other major life decision. It could be as simple as “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.” Many just “jump right in” then hope for the person of their dreams to walk up to them and into their life. Unfortunately, this probably will not happen. This jump often leads people into an expensive night life that could lead sadness and even depression. Experiencing constant rejections just makes it worse.

While we all know no plan is perfect, not even having a plan is well, just crazy. What creates so many problems with dating and relationships? Have you have been hurt too many times, so you just gave up on dating? That would be sad. At The Ultimate Social Network we believe the reasons so many people have problems with relationships and dating is their failure to plan. Readily available technology makes it a lot easier to find a relationship with your eyes wide open. In The Ultimate Social Network’s Ultimate Dating System, we look at the issues people have with dating and relationships then offer solutions. Let’s look at the core problems of dating and relationships and their solutions. These problems may exist in both online and traditional dating scenarios, so we will explore both environments.

Through our research, interviews of singles, and opinion polls, we have found the number one problem people have with online dating is that people do not always tell the truth. In their profile, they may state what they think people want to hear but not who they truly are. 

People may embellish their financial situation, their career, or their education. Lack of trust is the one reasons many people do not even consider online dating. 

Security is another core problem of both online and traditional dating. The world is not always a safe place. Where do you meet? Is there a safe place to meet? Is meeting at the restaurant safe? If I take the precaution to not let them know where I live, what if, after the date, they follow me home? While being aware that the world is not always a safe place, we recommend using common sense and caution to assure your safety. 

Our community thrives on the following attributes: respect, truth, authenticity, awareness of self, and people who aren’t afraid to express who they truly are as a person. We want you to experience a vibrant life congruent to your highest values.