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About The Ultimate Social Network

The Ultimate Social Network was created as a project during a Landmark Worldwide Leadership seminar. The Landmark Forum is designed to bring about positive, permanent shifts in the quality of your life.

While sitting in Landmark’s Self Expression and Leadership course, I listened as individuals created their projects designed to make a difference in the homeless community or heal the bay in Santa Monica. Others chose a more personal and spiritual focus by incorporating their church or synagogue community into their project.

During the Landmark courses, the leaders ask participants to share about their projects. In addition to their projects, people were sharing about their life and relationships.

I listened as many people shared how they were doing amazing things in their lives, but they were too busy to share their lives with a significant other.

I thought, “How sad is that?” When women would say “All the good men are taken,” I thought, “I am single and a good guy, what about me? “Why wasn’t I even on their radar?”

The men would say “All the good-looking and attractive women are taken.” Men were certainly more direct on what they wanted as they are visual in their very nature, right? The consistent refrain was the scarcity of possible partners, not enough available single people.

As this conversation persisted, the leader interrupted and stated that this simply wasn’t true - nearly 50% of the people on the planet are single - there is an abundance of eligible people. And, knowing the personal statistics of the people in this seminar, he was aware that 70% of the participants were single.

These complaints and statistics provided me with the inspiration I needed for my project. I decided to make a difference in the singles community.

So the project began and this website is part of the project. The seminar participants were busy, as most successful people are. They go to work and work late in the afternoon or early evening. Then they get in their cars, drive through traffic in Los Angeles (where this particular seminar was held), grab a bite to eat along the way and continue their life.

Their lives were focused on their careers, leaving them blind to the larger part of their life; the significant other person who could share the journey of life with them. These people made it to the seminar with barely enough time to greet one another.

When a seminar session ended, many would say a quick good-bye and head for home. It seemed to me there were many missed opportunities. These people were blind to the outside world. They didn’t know better and weren’t to blame; sometimes life just gets ahead of us and we can’t keep up.

Starting with this observation, I invited participants who were eligible to wear their name badges on the right and those unavailable, married, or in a committed relationship, wear their badges on the left. My project to make a difference in single people’s lives was underway. A simple start to what I have found to be a very rewarding endeavor.

 As the seminar continued, I learned the importance of including quality people in the project, people who truly cared about others. Together we created The Ultimate Social Network. Our team has done extensive research and interviewed countless eligible people. Interviews and ongoing research will keep us tuned in to how it is being single and dating today and in the future.

This relatively simple project evolved into writing a book: Breaking the Compatibility Code: The Ultimate Social Network: A Step by Step Dating System.

The creation of this website is an outgrowth of the book, where we discovered and reported various difficulties that people have found with traditional online dating sites. Some key problems that we identified were:

  1. People don’t necessarily tell the truth about themselves. For example, they may include outdated pictures from 5-10 years ago, or maybe 30-40 pounds ago.
  2. We discovered the importance of having compatible dating objectives. If you are someone looking to get married and have children, it doesn’t fit well with another person who is not looking for those same things.
  3. Another key factor is the importance of compatibility with personal values. It is important that both people know what values are important to them and to the people they are spending time with. The more compatible the values the greater the chance of success.

We believe that videos are so much better than pictures for our members to present themselves as they are and to meet others who are presenting themselves authentically. Since The Ultimate Social Network produces the videos with objectivity and recency, you have a better chance of meeting someone on video that are presenting themselves as they are, and you can meet people on video that you might like to spend more time with.

Mike Reedy, Founder
The Ultimate Social Network

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