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Sunday October 30, 2022  in Northridge


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If a picture is worth 1000 words,
imagine what a video is worth.

  • It's betterYour profile is more authentic and meeting other people on video is higher quality!
  • It's accurate: We produce all the videos so that you can be assured the videos are not fake.
  • It's simple: We ask you 5 or 6 questions so you can self-express who you are and what you want in a relationship.
  • It's easy: You can pick from a selection of questions we provide or you can choose your own questions.
  • It's just what  you want: We provide a way for you to tell others your dating preferences.   
  • It's values-based: After interviewing over a 1000 people, we found that values can be one of the most important parts of a future relationship. Values are qualities, beliefs, standards, and codes of behavior that are important to you.
  • It's time-effective. Filter your search to only meet people who match what you're looking for.
  • We help you look your best:  We've included some video tips to make your video stand out, or for an extra fee, we can do a custom edit of your video.

Even better, imagine how nice it would be to meet someone in person in an enjoyable group setting.

  • Enjoy a Sunday brunch with your single friends
  • Tasty food and conversation
  • Music and dancing
  • Get a sense for who people are in a casual setting
  • Discover what other people like and what their core values are.
  • Registration for brunch events is included in your membership.

Join The Ultimate Social Network.

  • Meet people as they really are on video.
  • No more deception with out of date photos.
  • Get a sense for who people are by hearing their voice and seeing their facial expressions.
  • Come to our ultimate social events to meet other singles in an inexpensive group setting
    • Virtual online events for now
    • In-person brunches coming soon when permitted


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Audio Interviews

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Karen - Santa Barbara County, California

Tim - Ventura County, California

Tom - San Diego County, California

Compatibility Tips

Sample Compatibility TIps
Read "In the Beginning"
Read "Relationship Values"
Read "Core Dating Problems"

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